Civil Engineering: 3D Laser Scanning and Modeling Services Keys to Accuracy

Architecture Improve Design Accuracy and Client Value with 3D Laser Scanning

Civil engineering projects can be completed with the highest degree of accuracy and on, or ahead of schedule when 3D laser scanning is used

When designing and building civil-engineered structures, massing must be on point or you run the risk of failure of the entire project.. Through the use of 3D laser scanning and consulting with SmartGeoMetrics, professionals in civil engineering can create precise CAD models of interior and exterior environments and accurate line drawings of structural plans on time and on budget.

Quick Data Collection and Accurate End Deliverables

SmartGeoMetrics’ 3D laser scanning technology is able to capture as-is conditions of a project site. From this data high-quality 3D models and 2D line drawings can be created and delivered. Using SmartGeoMetrics ensures your project is done quickly and the deliverables are of higher quality than through the use of traditional data collection techniques. Offer your clients more value and increase your profits by partnering with SmartGeoMetrics.

Get your project off the ground! Speak to a SmartGeoMetrics representative via phone at 1.866.940.1397 or contact us via email at You can also learn more about our previous projects and how our laser scanning deliverables like CAD models on our Architectural/Historical Preservation Imaging and Surveying page.

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